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New Warhammer Quest: Cursed City 04/05/2021
Tha game has just landed but our Studio managed to pull the painting off just in time for a summer full of fun undead slaying! Stay tuned for more sets in the near future

Age of Sigmar armies 13/12/2019
Our evergrowing AoS database is becoming huge. In order to help you out in your surfing, we added some keywords for quick searches. Check the latest additions out typing "Ossiarch", "Tzeentch", "Fyreslayers", "Nurgle", "Ogor Mawtribe", " Orruk", "Stormcast", "Gravelords" in the search engine on the right hand side of your screen and pressing GO!

Warcry is here! 11/08/2019
This brand new skirmish game from GW is fun and packed with gorgeous minis and sceneries. Check out our huge gallery typing "warcry" in the search engine on the right to admire all these jewels at their best!

Just married! 17/04/2018
Here's the list of the weirdest things we painted in the last few years: a 30"/10lb ceiling lamp shaped as a dragon, 2 plastic geese used as hunting baits, glowing runes on a fantasy 1:1 scale blade and even the exact copy of a rare meteor for display purposes (the original isn't insured against theft outside its museum!). Compared to these commissions, this wedding cake topper was a joke, heavily converting a resing casting in order to match the bride's and groom's clothings in their special day. What will come next? Cmon , challenge us!

Festa del bocolo 07/04/2016
According to legend, this tradition (meaning rosebud festival) originated in the 8th century, when a Venetian of low social standing is said to have fallen in love with a noblewoman. In order to win her father's approval, he became involved in a distant war. He was mortally wounded in battle, but managed to pluck a rose from a nearby rosebush for his loved one. A companion was entrusted with returning the blood-stained rose to his lover, who was found dead the day after she received those bad news. That day was April the 25th. So every year in this day men in Venice traditionally give their lovers a single rosebud as a sign of love. Ok ok, this model shows a lot of roses but this isn't a common Venetian, he is Giacomo Casanova in person, that's why he' got so many flowers to give away! In this tribute to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I've hidden references to other three famous sons of Venice: the painters Canaletto ("il molo verso la riva degli Schiavoni" on the back) and Tiziano Vecellio ("La flora" on the shirt) and the traveller Marco Polo, whose family heraldic symbol is painted on the trousers.


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