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  BiographyI was born in Feltre (Northern Italy) in 1975 where I still live. I began painting in 1996, when I bought an issue edited by Citadel called "How to paint miniatures". It was composed of 10 Citadel plastic models and of a 14-pages article written by Mike mc Vey. Those were the first ten models I've ever painted. I liked it, so I decided to go on.
Later, with some good friends, I entered the WFB world and I painted my high elves army, up to a 4000 pts, winning a lot of painting prizes in various tournaments. At that time I met a lot of great guys whom I'm still in contact with, players and painters, and I had a great time! How not mentioning here Marco Bariselli (who gave me important tips on how to improve my painting skill) and above all Stefano Balestreri (Ste) who was already at that time a great painter and who has always been for me an example to be followed.
In 1998 I started with WH40K, painting a dark eldar army that I have never used that much. My aim was to win the Italian Grand Tournament "Best army" prize , but I never entered the contest.
In 2000 at Luccagames (the most important Italian convention of games and comics), I saw for the first time Rackham Miniatures and I immediately fell in love. I bought a Killyox, followed by many other wolfens. Meanwhile I tried many other games (mostly the now so called Specialist's Games) until 2005, when I began collecting a Protectorate of Menoth Warmachine army. I started to paint it but I think I will never end it, as we stopped playing it. Then in 2007 came Hell-Dorado and its beautiful miniatures, when I painted Demons and Saracens, now on sale on this website. In the last few years, after falling in and out of love very quickly with Frostgrave, I came back to GW: kill team, Aos and Warcy, which is currently giving us some great time.
During my 22 years activity I've painted over 10k minis, learning a lot of different tecniques, so I can consider myself a polyhedric artist. I can paint at all levels very quickly, which I think is my greatest skill (my best works are realized in less than 8 hours, howling peak champion and Ithandir excluded; they took me less than 20 hours anyway).
As I am a self-taught painter, I made slow improvements during years (internet wasn't available until few years ago), but I've had the advantage of discovering experimenting. That's how I realized the theory of the origin source lighting effect (OSL) many years before Victoria Lamb put it into practice winning her Golden demons. My last invention (which I'm very proud of) is what I called Sbobba, a special medium substance for perfect washes. This is my little secret, so please don't ask about :). Contrast paints can't give better results than my Sbobba, sorry GW...
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