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Stefano Balestreri
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  BiographyI was born in Milan in 1966 where I lived for 30 years before moving to Belluno (northern Italy), my present home. All started around 1992 when I bought the GW boardgame "Advanced Heroquest", containing about 30 Skaven and Empire plastic miniatures, and is expansion "Terror in the dark", with some skeleton warriors and some Citadel paint pots.
In one year I reached a good painting skill and I was able to take my first commissions, in particular for one of the few (at that time) Italian miniatures shop, Pergioco in Milan. It was there that I met the great artist Gianluigi Burlini, who helped me to learn more tecniques and to improve my skills. In particular he taught me the washing tecnique with oil colours, used in many works of this website gallery.
In 1996 I moved to Belluno where I met Tiziano, at that time a beginner (but evidently talented) miniatures painter.
In 1998 I met Paolo "the Venerable" Parente and David Preti, who commissioned me many of the first Rackham miniatures and with whom I spent many fun evenings playing Confrontation.
In 2000,2004,2005 and 2006, at Lucca comics&games (one of the most important Italian events), I held mini painting tutorials at Rackham stand, a great occasion to know and work next to excellent artists.
I have won several awards over the years, including some Demons at the Italian Games Day and a gold master at the international contest in Monte San Savino.

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