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  Painting service rulesHi all, and welcome to the painting service section of this site. If you want informations about my commissions procedure, you're in the right place.
FIRST: note that prices referring to each pic include ONLY the painting work. Extras such as prepping, priming and basing are quantified separatedly below. Exceptions to this general rule are On sale items, for which the price expresses how much you'll effectively pay to buy that item (shipping is not included). When more than a figure is shown in a given pic, the price refers to each single mini of that shot.
SECOND: note that I price a work according to the time spent on it. For this reason, you will not find here any fixed painting cost for each cathegory of minis. To get a clear idea about the relationship between quality and price, I strongly suggest to browse my huge gallery. There you'll find hundreds of past commissions that will surely help you. Then we concordate the amount together.
THIRD: conversions. I am able to do minor conversions with green stuff but not yet to sculpt a model from nothing. So please remember this when submitting your requests.
EXTRAS: (prices shown are for a infantry 25-30 mm model. Double for cavalry. Quadrupicate for medium monsters. For larger figures multiply in proportion):
- Unvarnishing: 2 euros
- Cleaning and assembling: 2 euros(3 for many-components minis such as wfb plastic models)
- Priming(Citadel undercoat): 0,5 euros
- Basing: see examples below
- Final protective varnish (clear/satin/matt upon request): free
  Available painting levels
Low level
Good for large units (as WFB ones) and generally for all those players who want a cheap but solid work. Undercoat is black. The most used tecniques are drybrushing and some wet blending. The colour scheme must be concorded in a limited palette (not too bright tones).
Indicative Cmon rating:from 5,5 to 6,5.
Average Price Range: 5,00 € - 19,00 €
Available items on the site:80

Medium level
This level is ideal for small warbands (skirmish games such as Confrontation or Warmachine). Undercoat is usually white. Basecoating is followed by washings and highlightings with wet blending.
Indicative Cmon rating:from 6,5 to 7,5.
Average Price Range: 10,00 € - 28,00 €
Available items on the site:617

High level
Recommended for characters or for small units that could even enter a painting contest.
Undercoat is always white.
Painting procedure is similar to the medium level, but higlighting is done with layering at its best.
Indicative Cmon rating:from 7,5 to 8,5.
Average Price Range: 23,00 € - 61,00 €
Available items on the site:770

Master level
For collectors only (or for players crazy enough to field it on a tabletop). In addition to the clean work of a high level job, I perform all those special tecniques that elevate a beautiful mini to a masterpiece: Nmm, osl, layering, freehand, rust and blood effects and all that stuff. The base is customed according to the commissioner orders.
Indicative Cmon rating:from 8,5 to my best (9,4 so far).
Average Price Range: 61,00 € - 172,00 €
Available items on the site:176

  Available bases
Price :8,00 €
Price :6,00 €
Price :4,00 €
Rock & snow
Price :4,00 €
Price :4,00 €
Wood floor
Price :3,00 €
Stone floor
Price :3,00 €
Price :3,00 €
Price :3,00 €
Price :3,00 €
Price :2,00 €
Price :2,00 €
Price :1,00 €
Price :1,00 €


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